A. Birth:  Saudi Arabia, 1953


Address: POBox 6864, Aljahiz st.

Alhamra, Riyadh 13216, Saudi Arabia

E-mail:  /

Personal Site:


B. Education:


1.       B.A. in English Language and Literature – King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA, 1974

2.       M.A. in English – Purdue University, Indiana, USA, 1978

3.       Ph.D. in English – Purdue     =               =         =,   1983


Dissertation: Literary Orientalism in Anglo-American Literature: Its Formation and Continuity.


Positions: 1984-2009: Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Department of English, King Saud University, Riyadh.

                   2005-2009: President, Riyadh Literary Club

                   2009-: Member, Shura (legislative) Council, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                                   



F. Former positions and tasks:


1. Consultant to the Ministry of Higher Education 1985-86

2. Editor-in-Chief, Riyadh Daily Newspaper, 1986-88

3. Director: Research Center, College of Arts, KSU, 1990-92

4. Chairman, Department of English, College of Arts, KSU, 1993-  97.

5. Editor-in-Chief: The Global Arabic Encyclopedia (in 30 vols.), 1997-98.

6. Member of the Academic Council, King Saud University, 2001-2002.

7. President, Riyadh Literary Club (2006-2010)

8. Editor, Huqul (Quarterly, published by the Riyadh Literary Club (2004-2011)




G. Publications and Speeches (selections):



1. Refereed papers published in English:

-" The Orientalist Discourse in Anglo-American Literary Criticism," Alef journal, 9, (1989), American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.

- Realms of the Wasteland: Hijazi and the Metropolis, World Literature Today, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA, (Spring, 1993) 67:2.


- "Elegies Within Culture: Auden and Abu Risha," Proceedings of the International Conference: Comparative Literature In the Arab World, Centre for Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, 20-22 December, 1995 (Cairo, The Egyptian Society of Comparative Literature, 1998).


- "The Antithetical Arab: Leo Africanus and Yeats," (1996) Studies in English, (Riyadh: Research Center, College of Arts, King Saud University).


- "Books and Terror: Anxieties of the Infinite in Wordsworth, Borges and Stevens," The Arab Journal for the Humanities, Kuwait University, Kuwait, (Autumn, 1997) no. 60.


- "The Revulsion against Islam: Romanticist Critics and the East," Abhath Al-Yarmouk Journal, Jordan (1997), 15: 1.


- "A Mythical Rape: Rilke, Yeats, Abu-Risha," Alef journal, American University in Cairo, (1999), no. 19.  


- "Tension in the House: The Contemporary Poetry of Arabia," World Literature Today, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA, (Spring, 2001) 75:2.




2.  A Selection of Papers and Speeches at different times and places:


A. "Sleeping with the Enemy: Renaissance in Modern Arabic Culture" –   a paper read at the École Normale Supérieur, Paris, 1994.


B. "Socio-Cultural Change in Saudi Arabia" – Speech delivered at Media center, Tokyo, Japan, November, 1996.


C. "Culture in Saudi Arabia: A Century of Transition," –  a lecture at    the Saudi Information Office, London, UK, March, 1999.


  1. "A State of Siege, Palestinians, Israeli and the Problematics of Identity" – a paper read at the Globalization and Identity conference at Warsaw, Poland in April 2003.


  1. "Western Scenes in Modern Arabic Literature" – a speech delivered at the Frankfurt International Book Fare, Frankfurt, Germany, 2004.


F. "Goldman's Genetic Structuralism and the Problems of Arab Reception" – a paper read at the French Institute for the Near East, Damascus, November 2004.


  1. "Minority Concerns: Female Scholars at the Cultural Intersection" – a paper read at Södertörn University College, Huddinge (Stockholm) Sweden, April, 2006.
  2. "Destination Arabia: Rihani in Romantic Context" – a speech at the Library of Congress, March, 2011.


  1. "The Novel Moment: the Cultural Scene in Saudi Arabia": A lecture delivered in the London Book Fair, April, 2008.




  1. Books in Arabic:


1.        Thaqafat Assahra: Dirasat fi Adab al-Jazira al-Arabiyya (Desert Culture: Studies of the Contemporary Literature of Arabia) (Riyadh: Al-Obaikan, 1991)

2.        Dalil Annakid Al-Adabi (with Maijan Alrwuaili; Beirut & Casablanca: al-Markaz aththaqafi alarabi, 2002) (A Guide for the Literary Critic; a dictionary of literary terms in essay form) in three editions (1995-2002).

3.        Muqarabat Al-Akhar: Muqaranat Adabiyyah (Approaching the Other: Comparative Readings), 1999.


4.        Ihalat Al-Qasidah: Qira'at fi Ashshi'r Almua'sir (Poetic References: Readings in Contemporary Poetry) 1999.


5.        Istiqbal Al-Akhar: Al-Gharb fi Annaqd Al-Arabi Al-Hadith  (Receiving the Other: The West in Modern Arabic Criticism) 2004.

6.        Abwab al-Qasidah: Qira'at bitijah Ashshi'r (The Poem's Gates: Readings towards Poetry) 2004.


7.        Shurufat lialruyah (Globalization, Identity, and Cultural Interchange (Beirut & Casablanca: al-Markaz aththaqafi alarabi, 2005).


8.        Almukawin alyahudi fi alhadharah algharbiyah (the Jewish Component in Western Civilization) (Beirut & Casablanca: al-Markaz aththaqafi alarabi, 2007).


9.        Al-Ikhtilaf Aththaqafi/Thaqafat Al-Ikhtilaf (Cultural Difference/ A Culture of Difference) (Beirut & Casablanca: al-Markaz aththaqafi alarabi, 2008).


10.    Qalaq Al-Ma'rifah: Ishkaliyat Fikryah wa Thaqafiah (Anxiety of Culture: Intellectual and Cultural Problematics) (Beirut & Casablanca: al-Markaz aththaqafi alarabi, 2010).



H. Confernces: 


About 30 conferences attended worldwide since 1985, with papers delivered in most of them.



I. Media, Cultural Activities:


I.                   A radio program on Saudi Radio entitled "Books and Readers," (with two colleagues) – 2003-2004.

II.                A TV show entitled "Cultural Issues," on Channel One of Saudi TV – 2003.